The highlights of ASUZAC ACM in 2014

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:50

The highlights of  ASUZAC ACM in 2014

The highlights of ASUZAC ACM in 2014
A review of major events in 2014 of ASUZAC ACM.
Let"s review some great event of ASUZAC ACM in 2014
VietBuild HaNoi 2014
This is the first event of ASUZAC ACM in 204. VietBuild exhibition is a good chance to bring out the best product, technique and service to provide to our customer.
This event is also a mark that ASUZAC ACM brand become the most popular Japanese aluminum casting brand in Vietnam and also ASEAN.

Architect Expo Exhibition - ThaiLand 2014
Follow up the VietBuild exhibition, the Architect Expo is a International event that ASUZAC ACM join in 2014.

With a lot of customers from another country, we can expand our market, become the leading brand in Cambodia, ThaiLand, Indonesia about Aluminum Casting.

VietBuild event - Ho Chi Minh City 2014

The VietBuild 2nd in HCMC is a good chance to remind the customer about our products and also introduce out new design with 3D tech.

AOYAMA Building

AOYAMA is a project from Japan that ASUZAC ACM successfully provide aluminum products. Although this project required very special technique, we totally coplete it with the best result.

Six meter molding and CNC system

6m molding system.

CNC molding creator.
With new machinery system applied, ASUZAC ACM can provide bigger, faster products and also decrease the cost of the products.

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