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Through research & development program undertaken jointly with the Industrial Research Institute of Nagano Prefecture, ASUZAC successfully developed what we call the "V-Process" (Vacuum Molding Process : Casting method by mold sealed in greatly reduced pressure) in 1972. The process of technique is...


About Asuzac Group

ASUZAC GROUP Established: April 1946 Capital: 63.5 million yen Revenue: Revenue 14.7 billion yen (2015) President and CEO: Mr. Masanao Kubo Employees: 1221 (Japan: 576) (Dec, 2015) Scope of buisiness:   Fine...


Asuzac group history

1949 Slate business started. 1966 Precast concrete business started. 1967 VICON concrete business started. 1970 Iron casting and dry foods business started. 1971   V-Process (Vacuum Sealed Molding) was invented with Industrial...

Philosophy & Mission

Philosophy & Mission

MISSION ASUZAC-ACM is found based on the scale vision of the world. We are step-by-step to make a perfect plan to complete main tasks along with explore new industry sectors, and devote to society and human as the factory built on community activities. ATTITUDE Challenge Spirit Always look forward...


Privacy policy

Regulations issued on 01/08/2011 - To ensure for compliance with ordinances regarding personal information as well as to comply with its own discipline, ASUZAC ACM has issued "ASUZAC private information security policy ". - In addition, we create the website with this content aims to reasonably...

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