Philosophy & Mission

ASUZAC-ACM is found based on the scale vision of the world. We are step-by-step to make a perfect plan to complete main tasks along with explore new industry sectors, and devote to society and human as the factory built on community activities.

Challenge Spirit
Always look forward with an innovation spirit daily.
Accept to face with the risk in inventions and patents of culture and civilization.
Flourish exponentially
Respect the democracy of enemy; promote effect of success exponentially while improving the group’s general strength.

- Provide best quality services and features to customers.
- Resolve the problem flexibly depending on changes of business conditions by the continuing efforts that brings to the customer excellently products combined by the great idea with best quality.
- Increase the corporate business resources. Work and implement together topics that the human and the era have raised.
- Create a safe and friendly working environment so that the staff inspires on works, develops their own capabilities, promotes and contributes to the company growth.

- Always sincere, open-heart and become a reliable partner to get more good relationship from customers.
- Response to customer’s comment and meet the needs promptly.
- Always keep catch with the current business situation by the flexible measures, innovations and logical analysis.
- Aim to demonstrate the professional knowledge on work firstly.

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