Aluminum exterior panel in construction

Wednesday - 27/01/2016 10:50

Aluminum exterior panel in construction

Aluminum exterior panel in construction
Some exterior projects of ASUZAC ACM.
Aluminum casting products are applied much more detail in the exterior of buildings, large projects. It cannot rusted, self-protect in front of external environment, also has a lot variety of designs and styles. These are the reason that the aluminum products of ASUZAC ACM are selected more for big projects, high technical, arts and reliability requirements.

The most popular product style is exterior panel, using in office, hotel, high building.

The common characteristic of those projects that have used very large products volume, in addition requires mandatory terms of design, aesthetics and durability, the production schedule is also a importance requirement should be ensured.

Photos from a project of ASUZAC ACM at Japan.

The aluminum column, pillar also becoming popular. The main function of these panels for the pillar is enhancing the aesthetics of the building. In addition, the reliability and self-protect in front of adverse external conditions are also significantly increased.

Photo : ASUZAC Inc (Japan).
Edited by : ASUZAC ACM.

Source: Asuzac ACM News

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