Gates for the feng shui

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Gates for the feng shui

Gates for the feng shui
House gardens are always advantages to the construction area and the location of the gate, homeowners can freely choose the place for it. Note that the gate should be placed on the left side of house and place in front of the easiest to find out. If your guests find it difficult to find, the airwill also see the same problems .

For the purpose of landscaping and paths for air, road front porch should have a curved shape forming zigzag help air circulation smoothly. Thereby making the business of the owner is also plain sailing, cozy home, be happy.

Gates, especially the villa gates, should be designed in accordance with the size of the overall architecture . If the port is too large compared to the house , your destiny will be adversely affected . If it is too small, and limited air caused disagreement within the family. Moreover, this also affected much less common aesthetic elements

According to the concept of oriental feng shui, home gate in general and in particular to the garden gate should be designed arc upside down will help bring luck and fortune to the owner.

Garden Gates for appropriate feng shui elements

Green trees around the house is a very good thing for homeowners, however should create an open space, avoid being obscured by tree too big or too overgrown . Gates also represents the career, so you should keep it bright as possible . You should only grow small trees beside the gate and fence with gate connected to enable better airflow and increase feelings at home for visits.

Gates should be built above the street. If your gates are in a position lower than the road surface will not create good feng shui because it restricts air and makes the members feel uncomfortable and trapped. To resolve it you keep away from the entrance gate to the house is bright and planting more trees.

You may need to create a good space for the path into your house. This area will broadly leaned vision smoothly, without any problems.

The garden is always a large space, so when design the gate, you may create a small green campus portal will help in the ambient air is always fresh, fresh. Human peace and a healthy environment, flat land, generous soul that helped calmed, relieved when entering the home.

Source: Asuzac ACM News

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